Marketing Your Home

The Bold City Difference



90% of agents take cell phone pictures, stick a sign in the yard, and put the home in the MLS. We go above and beyond that. Here are some ways that we are raising the bar in marketing your home.

  • Professional photos are included in every listing.
  • We create a customized marketing plan for each listing. In addition to the professional photos, this includes edited videos on our YouTube Channel, Email blasts, and postcards around the neighborhood.
  • Depending on the property, we sometimes expand the marketing plan to include drone footage and a customized domain for the property
  • If necessary we will do light staging ourselves, or sometimes we will hire an official stager who will either make suggestions or changes herself.
  • We market all listings through social media, on all of our channels: Brokers personal Facebook pages, Facebook groups, and Facebook business pages, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. A lot of millennial buyers pinpoint a specific listing or find their way to our brokerage through social media— in 2017 Millennials formed the largest percentage of home buyers for the fourth year in a row! Over 75% of our clients find us through social media.
  • If you wish, we can also include traditional methods of marketing your home such as hosting an open house.
  • We have a secret weapon when It comes to selling your home- pre-marketing! We can’t tell you more than that, but it is extremely effective, and allows us to successfully reduce your home’s time on the market.
  • Sometimes a seller needs to sell their current home and buy a new home immediately. We call this a back-to-back closing, which has a lot of moving parts and can be tricky. However, we are very comfortable coordinating a back-to-back and do that for a lot of clients.
  • You don’t need to be present for us to sell your home – you can be anywhere in the world and we can do all of the signing electronically, right down to the very last closing document. Our closing attorney will overnight closing documents anywhere in the world.
  • We can coordinate moving for you as well.

As a seller, you have the advantage when hiring Bold City Real Estate because we are more than just transaction brokers – we are also single agent brokers. There is a huge difference! A transaction broker represents the transaction – a single agent truly represents the client.

Single agent brokers are not well-known because generally only small boutique brokerages are able to provide that level of service. The bigger brokerage firms generally don’t offer single agent brokerage, because it means that they can ONLY represent the buyer or seller-never both (so it’s a potential loss of income for the brokerage).

A single agent broker ONLY works in the client’s best interest, which gives you a lot of confidence and security as a seller or buyer. There are very specific duties that a single agent broker must perform, according to FL state law, which include: dealing honestly and fairly, loyalty to the client, confidentiality, obedience to the law, full disclosure, accounting for all funds, skill, care and diligence in the transaction, presenting all offers and counteroffers in a timely manner, unless directed otherwise (in writing), and disclosing all known facts that materially affect the value of the property and which are not readily observable.

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