Home Valuation

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When we meet with you to help you sell your home, the first thing we will do is a home valuation. This is a process by which we research homes in your area that have sold in the past six months, looking for properties with similar characteristics to yours: same size, age, condition, and ideally in the exact same neighborhood. Based on those criteria we will help you decide on a realistic asking price that will not only attract buyers, but will also ensure that your property will sell as quickly as possible and for the most amount of money.

As a Seller you should beware of Realtors that do not provide this data, or one that gives you an inflated idea of what your home is worth, just to get your listing. When your home that is listed above its fair market price will sit on the market for longer than it needs to. In our current market we suggest listing on the high end of fair, but certainly within a range where once you accept an offer, there won’t be a concern with the buyer’s appraisal coming in too low.

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